Please note that our all services are chargeable starting from at least 200 USD. Our spells and success rate is 99% with no harm to you or your family members. 

ध्यान दें हमारी सभी सेवाएं आदेय हैं। कृप्या वो ही संपर्क करें जो आदेय शुल्क के साथ वास्तव में सेवाऐं लेने के इच्छुक हैं।


Indrajal is very dangerous and effective at once. Spells in Indrajal are taken ancient techniques of tantra mantra which bring results very soon.

Black Magic

Black magic is always dangerous and shows its effect very soon. It is generally used by one to destroy his enemy by using evil spirits or Ruhani ilm.

Love Mantra

Get your love back by casting powerful love spells or vashikaran. Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or your beloved one. Get him or her under your control.  

Vedic Astrology

Horoscope / Kundali reading by Guru Kulbhushan Swami worth Rs.2100/- per head per hour per day and on appointment basis only.  

Islamic mantras (इस्लामी तंत्र) are very very powerful and protect you from evil spells violently. None is worthy to be worshiped except Allah. Some powerful islamic shabar mantras are given here for various purpose for the mankind.

Never misuse of tantra as it may be extremely dangerous. Always be under guidance of a noble guru before doing anything in Muslim tantra mantra. Watch the true video and take decision yourself. 


Mantra 1

This mantra is used to cut the bad effects of any mantra that is or being used to cast evil spells on you or your family anyway.

Teli ki khopri chat chat ke maidan, upar chadha mohammad sultan

mohammad sultan kiska beta, fatima ka beta

suar khay halaal kare, pai de pav vajr ki keel

kaat to mata ke doodh ko haram kah.  

Procedure to use: -This mantra is used on an auspicious point of time or Jumeraat to revert back the evil spells cast on you. Say "Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem" once in the beginning and start chanting this mantra repeatedly. Do not say "bismillah..." then. Just read the mantra again and again. Read the mantra whole night up to sunrise. It will get powered. When suppose to use, read the mantra 111 times at night with full faith. The spells will bounce back on the spell caster.


Feel free to contact Guruji as following to ask questions or solve your all problems. He will guide you all.

Guru Kulbhushan Swami


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype ID : swamiji4all

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