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    All about our services.
  • I have gone to many astrologers. They took my money and did nothing. What shall I do?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    We get many calls daily that people wasted money with many astrologers to get their work done but all in vain. We receive around 50 to 60% such calls but what is our fault in this? That's why we recommend you always to go through the blog and forum of the person about the same. It will give you an idea about the person, you are supposed to take services from.

  • What is the guarantee?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Mostly, people ask this question. You are right on your own. May be that you have gone to many people before and got no output from there but we would like to make it very clear that it is matter of belief and faith in God. Our success rate is up to 99% but overall it is a matter of faith in the religion as well as in Gods and Goddesses. I am also a human being like you. I always give my best to complete your work and generally it gets success but you must also know that in paranormal activities the work is done metaphysically. The divine powers of any religion are not slaves. They are independent and powers are granted to them by the Eternal Being. If your intention is good and you follow the rules of the ritual properly, you will definitely get success. Reading religious lessons, doing rituals or worship of any deity is a matter of faith. We have not seen God yet we believe in Him as we find many proofs of His existence in this creation. Whether you believe or not but truth is truth always.

  • Can I meet you?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Yes, why not. Though I am basically from Delhi but sit generally at Haridwar. I come to Delhi for a couple of days in a month and meet the people on appointment basis only. You can also call me at your home but for that you will have to bear all the expenses of my travelling as well as accommodation.  It may be very expensive to you. So, it is recommended to come and meet me at Haridwar.

  • Do you charge for your services?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Yes of course. Please note that our all services are paid. No service is free of cost. If you are seeking for a free of cost service, kindly do not waste our as well as your precious time and energy in useless arguments.

  • What are your charges?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    There are different charges for different work. It depends on the problem, you have, as different ways are there to sort out the issues. Cost also depends on various scenarios of the case. So, only after going through the details and after successful analysis of the case, the charges are told.

  • 2.Shat Karma
    Shat Karmas are tantra process for different works. These are Shantikaran, Vidveshan, Uchatan, Vashikaran, Stambhan and Maran.
  • What is vashikaran or love spell?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Vashikaran or love spell means to get someone under your control. This is generally to possesses one's mind to get your work done by him successfully. He will act as you want. He will love and care for you. Now, it depends on you, how you want to use him for you. It is advisable to use vashikaran or love spell  for the mankind only.

  • Is vashikaran or love spell real? Does it really work?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Many things are there in the world which cannot be seen but felt. One has to go though different phases of time, sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrows. Think carefully, Can happiness or sorrows be visible in 3D. Obviously No but it is also true that it exists. Feelings or sentiments are, in fact, specific state of mind which is related to your thoughts towards someone. Beautiful feelings towards someone create love in his heart. It makes the grass greener other side also. So, the metaphysical action to create love, affection or feeling to take care of you for the whole life is Vashikaran or Love spell. It exists. It infuses lovely thoughts towards in the mind of the target. One is always controlled and known by his thoughts only. Your thinking makes you good or bad towards someone. Feeling of love and affection towards someone makes him to love you also. Though we cannot impose our love on anybody but generally you can win the hearts by love as humanity is based on love and affection.<

  • 1.Black Magic or Evil spells
    Black magic or evil spells are very dangerous. One should not generally use them to bring his wishes come true. You may have to face the dire consequences after using of Black magic or evil spells. Be careful.
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